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How should office furniture develop e-commerce? Addtime:2017.10.20 Clicks:2995次

Now, with "Internet +" hit in all walks of life, will also get the office furniture industry penetration, plus traditional office furniture industry marketing channel under the impact of the environment against cold, office furniture manufacturer of electrical business didn't also so inconsistent. Gradually office furniture also resembles household furniture to rise up on the net more, some "Internet + office furniture industry BBS" appears in all over the world.


Judging from the current situation, the attitude of the office furniture industry to e-commerce can be divided into three types: participation, hesitation, and dialectical criticism. It's hard to say which attitude is the dominant idea in the office furniture industry, because these three voices have never been broken, and many people in the industry are talking about it. Office furniture belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry, which is limited by its production mode and product characteristics and sales model. It is not so easy for office furniture enterprises to transform e-commerce.


But e-commerce completely changed the traditional commercial marketing idea, with 80 after becoming a backbone of society, after 90 into the social work, the younger generation will become the main force of consumption. All walks of life are looking at the pockets of post-80s and post-90s consumers who are constantly wondering about their spending habits:


-- like to be personalized, not like the products of friends;


They Shared shopping experience in their friends circle, and they also got shopping information in social media.


-- changeable, individual and full of vitality;


It is fair to say that the retail market is 80 and 90. Their consumption habits will also affect the future sales positioning of the office furniture industry. However, according to some data research, people aged between 25 and 35 have a large proportion of respondents who choose to buy online furniture materials. Coupled with the encouragement of a twofold environment, this consumer group will be more and more.


Electric business channels, therefore, is one of the important channels of the future of office furniture, who give up it is lost the future of a large number of potential customers, and transformation of electricity for office furniture enterprise, we must pay attention to the following:


One, establish oneself localization, find accord with oneself actual electric business path.


Office furniture enterprises want to transform e-commerce, must first define their own positioning, according to the enterprise's production, sales scale, product characteristics, comprehensive strength to determine their own e-commerce ideas.


The platform, such as Tmall, jingdong or the current office furniture integration platform, is a new sales channel, which is the only one. It will also be the strategic direction of the enterprise, the interests of all parties, and the independent B2C or O2O system. Or simply abandon traditional sales channels and specialize in online channels to create a new business model.


All kinds of things, you need the office furniture business to think deeply, not other enterprises to succeed, you copy to your own business.


In this view, there are three kinds of positioning of office furniture enterprises in e-commerce.


1. Complementary channels. This type of positioning is the electricity as a sales channels, set up corresponding team, in electric business platform for sale, such as day cat, jingdong, is now office furniture enterprises to enter the mainstream form of electricity. This kind of positioning input is less, the status is lower than the traditional offline channel, it is the supplement channel of offline sales.


2. New plate development. It is to put the electricity as a new business enterprise, set up independent department of architecture and the corresponding management system, and also distinguish from the offline marketing system, the embodiment of this kind of positioning is to have independent B2C system + in electric business platform, and authorized distribution network.


3. Sales integration platform. To realize the search, inquiry, customization and purchase of office furniture and professional buyers online, and provide business consulting, certification and other customer services; The development model carries on the transformation localization, the line drives the offline sale, the two kinds of mutual integration, the complement.


Second, the talent is heavy, trust and delegate power.


Office furniture enterprises want to transform the e-commerce, the first problem is the talent, how to find a suitable person in charge of e-commerce, is an office furniture enterprise to develop e-commerce major premise. What kind of person is the right person in charge of e-commerce?


1. Responsible for marketing or purchasing within the office furniture enterprise, with strong learning ability and Internet thinking, and deeply trusted by business leaders.


2. It is a professional talent brought from the e-commerce industry. They have rich experience in e-commerce and know how to combine these experiences with the practical work of office furniture enterprises.


The B2C platform has its own strength and brand influence for large furniture factories. It can build a platform in the field of e-commerce, and it will be fine in the long run. However, for small and medium-sized office furniture enterprises, there are some obstacles:


- brand influence in public hard plastic, most purchase was just meet function, office furniture is a low awareness of products, office furniture enterprises, especially small and medium-sized office furniture brand, brand influence in the group the consumers' mind is difficult to improve the influence;


-- the cost is too high. What is the cost involved in building a B2C platform? What is the cost of an e-commerce platform such as taobao and jingdong? In other words, the electric business platform and a set of mature residential building, only need to bring their own supplies can check in, have a special property management in the whole residential area, and the self-built do less than the lowest cost;


- clicks, volume influences the subsequent development of current electricity field, flow rate and the high praise to the king, only more consumers into your electricity business channels, see and have confidence in your product and brand, we can only reach more deals. Today, the entire alibaba system is still a large one, accounting for about 80 percent of the domestic e-commerce market.


Therefore, for small and medium-sized office furniture enterprises, we should be good at using the advantages of various e-commerce platforms to serve ourselves, and build our own e-commerce initial construction with the best cost.


"Internet + office furniture" or subsequent need to develop industry enterprises to carry out the planning and preparation, in the traditional sales mode performance period, make overall arrangements and for the development of electrical business flow:


-- the company needs to attach importance to e-commerce and regard it as a new development trend of the company;


-- e-business leaders need to have the pattern and courage to mobilize the resources of the whole company;


-- it is necessary to establish a decision-making, financial and management system for the rapid response to e-commerce, and time efficiency is money;


-- conflicts of interest between online and offline agents and online and offline merchandisers need to be solved in advance, and online agents should be assisted by offline agents;


Office furniture products belong to large and slow consumer goods; The product's service, brand, performance and environmental protection all need to experience to be better understood; Office furniture products sold to consumers require site installation; So these factors determine the current office furniture building materials industry pattern of e-commerce or online combining offline store experience, solve the installation and after-sales service in the late need a lot of manpower material resources.



But overall, as the Internet + (Internet, mobile payment and cloud computing technology), the development of future consumer use of resources will be more simple, convenient, future office furniture industry based on transformation and upgrading of e-commerce development will have more opportunities.

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