Step by step

If you’ve found what you’re looking for, just follow a few steps to enrol in our programs. It’s easy and it only takes a minute!


1. Registration

Registration is done through our online form. Just fill it in and send along your portfolio and resume.  We ask that your submission be made at least two months prior to starting the program so that our team has time to review your application. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation with details of the programs and workshops.  If you have any questions, this is the time to gain clarity on your goals and our program.


To confirm your placement in the program you will need to provide a down payment amounting to 30% of the total program cost.  This deposit is non-refundable.

3. Define your Project

We have programs for 2, 4 and 6 weeks.  You choose the one that works best for you, according to your availability and area of interest.  To define your project you will work under the guidance of our team who are in constant contact with the artisans.  Our team has expertise in developing research materials and techniques, understanding the local market, and developing prototypes and products.  Want to know more?  Click PROGRAMS.

4. Choose Your Workshop

Once you have defined your project, you will need to choose the workshop and artisan you want to work with.  Our team will then develop a personalized project, just for you. We’ll send you a card with information and images about the craftsman, the workshop, materials, and techniques. Want to know more? Click WORKSHOPS.

5. The Artisan’s Workshop

The first day of the program will focus on meeting the artisan and learning about the workshop, materials, equipment and products.  You will present the artisan with your portfolio, research and ideas.  Now the exchange has begun!  Next, you will engage in the process of research and experimentation with materials, equipment, and the skills of the artisan.  During the workshop, the craftsman contributes to the creative process, providing technical possibilities and sharing previous work.  Market considerations will also be taken into account at this time.  Once the final product has been designed, you and the craftsman will plan production, based on the materials available and the complexity of techniques involved in making the final prototypes.

6. Final Prototypes

The prototypes you create are yours to keep and our team will help you arrange shipping back to your home country.

7. Return

After the close of the program you may choose between returning home or continuing to travel. Either way, our team will get you to the nearest terminal.

If you wish, your product may be selected for marketing through StraaT.  This means StraaT will take on your project, entering it into competitions, exhibitions and marketing it to retailers.  At this time, a contract would be established with each stakeholder in the project.  We want to emphasize that this step is not the responsibility of Tudo a Mao.

anthony“Definitely an around-the-clock learning experience.” – Matt Anthony


“A rich exchange of experiences, knowledge and different points of view complement each other in a common goal.” – Carlos Lira