Frequently asked questions

I want to enrol in the program. How do I apply? 

Where are the programs located? 

What are the goals of the program?

How long is the program?

What is the content of the program?

How many prototypes will I be expected to produce?

Will I have creation rights to the products I develop?

Can I keep the products we produce?

Who can participate?

What is the maximum number of participants in one workshop?

What are the costs of the program? 

When is payment due?

What forms of payment?

What is the cancellation policy?

How can I receive financial aid to help pay my expenses?

Where will I live while I’m in Brazil?

What kind of medical care can I expect in Brazil?

Do I need to speak Portuguese?

I'm a vegetarian. How is the food in Brazil?

Do you have any recommended reading?

How do I know if the program is right for me?