Takeshi Sumi, Dries Wagenberg

dries e bambu

Takeshi Sumi, Dries Wagenberg

Date: January-March 2007

Designers: Takeshi Sumi (Fau Design, USP); Dries Wagenberg (Design Academy Eindhoven)

Artisans: Eduardo Nakayama and Raimundo Alves (Workshop Kotybambu, Cotia-SP)

Material: Bamboo

cabide_01dries e takeshi 1mcb expo 1mcb expo 3mcb expo 4oficina kotybambu fachada by annet haakstr_06str_07str_08str_09takeshi e bambutakeshi This project brought together the strengths and talents of various collaborators: Tok & Stok, partner and sponsor; Takeshi Sumi and Dries van Wagenberg, designers; Workshop Kotybambu, artisan producers.Specifically proposed for Tok & Stok, this project aimed to develop innovative products made of bamboo, a highly underutilized resource in Brazil.  Together, the designers and artisans produced objects that reveal the beauty of this natural material while taking advantage of its strength and flexibility.

Every innovation requires a process involving craft and art (or technique and creativity) and the result is not only the material product, but also the knowledge exchanged. With the goal of developing innovative products through the exchange of knowledge, Silvia Sasaoka carefully chose participants that she thought would have the ability to combine their design aesthetic and craft expertise to create a common language and viable product.

The choice of design students reflects one of Tudo a Mao’s priorities: to focus on training designers to create bold, conceptual design.  Choosing students from different countries, Holland and Brazil, prioritizes the collaborative process in which exchange occurs and coexistence between different forms of creation can develop.