Jannie, Marriet e Marieke


Jannie, Marriet e Marieke

Date: March-May 2004

Designers: Jannie Schmitz, Marriet Willems, Marieke Berg from Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Artisans: Association of Rendeiras Bilro Morro da Mariana (Lace Makers)

Material: Cotton thread, bobbins

Location: Piaui

almofadasbe-r-hol2004-annet-JPGbe-r-hol2004-associacaoJPGbe-r-hol2004-trocando-bilrobichos 1be-r-hol2004-troc-bilroBico de margaridabr e hol2004 marrietbr-e-hol2004-novo-materialcolar cogumelo 05 low The Association of Rendeiras Bilro Morro da Mariana was founded in 1998 and is located in the far northern state of Piaui, near Parnaíba. This group has 120 members and is gaining national recognition through projects to promote traditional crafts.  Tourists represent the main buyers of these handicrafts, but orders from designers throughout Brazil have been rising steadily.The most common products created by the Association of Rendeiras Bilro Morro da Mariana are slipcovers for pillows, appliqués, collars, and towels.  The lace makers mostly use a fine white cotton thread and work in the style of the Renaissance period.

After six years of exploring their craft the lace makers were visited by three students from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Over two months the students and the lace makers developed fashion and home accessories using lace making techniques.

The exchange of experiences enabled the lace makers to explore new materials and shapes, and learn about the design process, resulting in great economic impact for the artisans.  Meanwhile, Jannie, Marieke, and Marriet gained hands-on experience in design and product development.

This program was coordinated by Silvia Sasaoka and the Dutch professor Annet Haak.  Silvia continues to consult on the commercial viability of these products and helps promote and distribute this craft.