When we ask participants to describe their time spent in our workshops, the response is always the same: an amazing experience, both personally and professionally.

Participants of our workshops are looking to use their design skills for positive change. Revealing the beauty of bamboo, working with a renewable raw material, creating products that do not harm the environment, resolving the question of disposal of solid waste from construction and contributing to building sustainable livihoods are some of the goals that encourage designers to seek out our programs.

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Cristina Covello

Date: November 2008 – February 2009
Designer: Cristina Covello
Craftsman: José Godinho Ferreira (Zeca)
Material: Reclaimed Peroba Rosa
Location: Botucatu, Sao Paulo State


Matt Anthony

Date: March-May 2008
Designer: Matt Anthony (University of Cincinnati-USA)
Craftsmen: Carlos Lira and Jose Balaio
Material: Bamboo fibre and banana fibre


Jannie, Marriet e Marieke

Date: March-May 2004
Designers: Jannie Schmitz, Marriet Willems, Marieke Berg from Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
Artisans: Association of Rendeiras Bilro Morro da Mariana (Lace Makers)
Material: Cotton thread, bobbins
Location: Piaui


Takeshi Sumi, Dries Wagenberg

Date: January-March 2007
Designers: Takeshi Sumi (Fau Design, USP); Dries Wagenberg (Design Academy Eindhoven)
Artisans: Eduardo Nakayama and Raimundo Alves (Workshop Kotybambu, Cotia-SP)
Material: Bamboo


Ryan Duke

Designer: Ryan Duke – Industrial Design student at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco
Local: Pratania, Brazil in Sao Paulo State
Economia: produção agrícola e pequenas confecções de acessórios em couro como roupas
Artesãos: Luis Breda e Associação de Artesãos de Pratânia