About us

ryan“I was interested in social design because I wanted to find a positive function for design and strategies for its application.” – Ryan Duke


“It was a learning experience, I learned to make measurements with the designer, and this greatly facilitated my work.” – Luiz Alberto Breda

Tudo a Mao is a concept in the collaborative approach to projects between designers and craftspeople.  Developed by Silvia Sasaoka, each project combines environmental awareness, collective production and market vision, providing experiences that unite the simplicity of craftsmanship with contemporary urban life.

History and Values

Of Japanese descent, Silvia studied Fine Arts at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in Sao Paulo and The College of Fine Arts in São Paulo,Brazil, becoming an educator and cultural producer.  Upon graduating from her studies Silvia spent 11 years living in the Comunidade Yuba, a farm community focused on sustainability and art, located in Mirandópolis, Brazil.  Here, she learned to live collectively and deliver projects with a collaborative approach.

Silvia SasaokaIn 2001 Silvia coordinated Design Solidário Brasil + Holanda, a pioneer project that brought together Dutch design students with Brazilian artisans.  The experience was replicated on several projects, becoming a model for the management of community-oriented projects.

Silvia was awarded a scholarship through the Japan Foundation in 2002 to travel to Japan and study traditional local craft and its role in contemporary design.  Since then, she has been a consultant for ArteSol, a Brazilian non-profit focused on improving the production of handicraft groups located in over 17 states in Brazil.

In 2004 she founded StraaT, a company devoted to the production and promotion of sustainable products generated by collaborations between designers and craftspeople.

Throughout her work she has developed relationships between communities, schools, and international companies such as Design Academy of Eindhoven, Droog Design, Istituto Europeo di Design São Paulo, FAU Design – University of São Paulo, Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo, University of Cincinnati,Tok & Stok among others.

If you want to talk to Silvia, just send her an e-mail at silvia.sasaoka@gmail.com.